Snakes more evolved than humans

The King Cobra is more evolved than the human. Cobras are born with weaponry — built-in venomous fangs. They don’t seek or develop weapons consciously; they’re just born with them. But Cobras are EVOLVED, and throughout their evolution, they have developed (learned, in a way) such that they do not use their weapons AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. In this video, you will see that when Cobras “fight,” they wrestle and try to pin one another. The loser just gives up and goes away. Since a bite from one against the other would result in death, and since such an arrangement is not in the best interest of the species, these snakes HOLD THEIR FIRE when they challenge one another.

Amazingly enough, we humans, who like to think of ourselves as “intelligent” and “highly evolved,” are less sophisticated than belly-crawling snakes in this regard. Humans are not born with lethal weaponry to deploy one against the other. Nonetheless, we have consciously sought to not only develop, but also USE, lethal weapons against one another, despite the facts that the use of such weapons results in death and is not in the best interest of the species.

Don’t call a human a snake anymore. It’s an insult to snakes.





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