Political projection

I read a headline this morning: “Enough With the Hillary Cult …”  In the “article,” if it’s right to call a hysterical hit piece an “article,” Berniebot Camille Paglia accuses Hillary Clinton of being a crooked sociopath.  The decades-long project by the right to stain Hillary Clinton with unending innuendo, allegations, and investigations has apparently taken hold even among some lefties, who are not immune, it seems, from the attack of the rogue amygdala.  Lizard brains abound.

The “article” falls apart before it starts: its fatal flaw is its headline.  Paglia is so obviously projecting here that one cannot read her piece unaware that it’s born of psychology, not reason.  I’m no shrink, as I’ve noted before, but I have seen projection, and I’ve been guilty of it myself.  Most of us are, at some level (often the level of the subconscious) aware of our own flaws: reality is enough a nag to intrude on our blissful delusions.  And most of us are also, at some level, disturbed to the point of horror at the depth of our own weaknesses.  Bedeviled by the instinct to survive (even psychologically), we lash out against our own weaknesses – our own evils – by projecting them onto targets that we can slay without fear of destroying ourselves: others.  There is no such thing, for example, as a straight homophobe.  (Homophobes beware: we are on to you.  Every time you attack the sexuality of another, you take one more step out of the closet.)

Paglia has called Hillary’s base of support a “cult.”  Unless I misunderstand that term, it refers to a cabal about the orbit of a person that is driven not by reason, but primarily by the worship of the personality of the human at the center of the orbiting cabal.  That’s why we call it a cult of personality.  Let’s repeat here: a Bernie Sanders acolyte is calling Hillary Clinton’s base of support a “cult.” If the projection here is not immediately apparent, that can only because you, too, are beset by psychological problems of the political kind.

I have never – not once – seen a Hillary Clinton supporter suggest that Hillary is a faultless, lovable, saintly pol.  On the contrary, Clinton’s supporters seem the most temperate, sober, and even somber of any political group.  Clinton’s supporters are mostly pragmatists drawn to Clinton by her breadth of experience and her obvious resiliency and fortitude.  I myself don’t think much about Hillary’s personality or her character at all; that’s for bloviating saps.  I will surely vote for her, however, against any of the salivating buffoons on the Republican side.  That’s not because I see Hillary as the Second Coming, but because I agree with her judicial philosophy and many of her policy positions – and that’s all.

Whatever is happening on the Sanders end of things is actually costing people friendships.  I recently had a falling out with a longtime friend and acquaintance when I decided I could no longer associate with one so brainwashed.  Before Sanders, this person had little if anything to say about Hillary Clinton.  By last week, this person was accusing Hillary Clinton of genocide.  This is a person who would, were she to happen upon a morsel of burnt toast that Bernie had left as a remnant of breakfast, have it vacuum sealed, frozen, and preserved for all time.  All that is good is Bernie Sanders, and all that is not Bernie Sanders is evil.  Bernie Sanders is not just a person who promotes goodness; he is goodness.  He is also justice and peace and light.  That he happens to be a grump who can be as much an asshole as the next guy seems to have escaped the cabal.

It takes a weak mind to be brainwashed this way – an undisciplined and empty mind. But even an empty, undisciplined mind is likely, somewhere deep inside it, aware of its own vacuity.  And its primary weakness being its susceptibility to mindless swill, such a brain projects this very weakness onto those outside the person it serves so poorly: onto others.  And so we have it: a Berniebot calling Hillary’s followers a cult.  To the intellectually fallen, that is called a “good point.”  To those who remain intellectually intact, it’s called irony.

Obviously, most Bernie supporters have not been brainwashed and are not part of a cult.  But someone who would accuse Hillary Clinton of being a sociopath and call her base of support a cult — that person surely is.




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