“Liberal media” about to fact-check Hillary into oblivion while Trump lies his way to nomination

At last Saturday’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump is becoming ISIS’s most effective recruiting tool. She also said that ISIS recruiters were showing videos of Trump’s statements to recruits to prove the truth of ISIS’s own propaganda: namely, that Americans and Westerners hate Muslims and wish to start a war between civilizations.

Now the “liberal media” is all over Hillary because she left out the words “I’ll bet …” or “We all can surmise …” before saying ISIS recruiters were showing videos of Trump’s statements. “Liberal media” fact checkers have savaged Clinton for making “misleading statements” when there is no evidence available to them (media fact checkers) from sources that they would be unable to access in the first place (like ISIS dark web propaganda sites) to substantiate the claim that ISIS recruiters are using Trump in their videos – even though they’d be stupid not to and therefore obviously are.  Real estate developer Donald Trump speaks during the Freedom Summit in Greenville, South Carolina

Consider this: there is not a single sentence uttered by Trump, whether in a tweet, during an interview, or at a campaign rally, that is not either demonstrably false or recklessly heedless of the truth. Not only is everything Trump says a lie; everything he says is not even plausibly true.

So what will the “liberal media” focus on in days to come: Trump’s demand for an apology from Hillary Clinton for saying something that is obviously true even if not amenable to easy confirmation, or the falsity of everything Donald Trump says that is neither amenable to easy confirmation nor conceivably true?

I have a hunch.



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