GE creature leading Benghazi committee

GE has recently run ads featuring a creature representing an “idea.”  In its infancy and through its adolescence, the idea is an ugly sloth that so grates on the senses that one just wants to slap it silly.  Then, as an adult, the idea becomes a colorful if silly-looking beast.  So really, there are two creatures in the GE ads: Bad Idea (the ugly one) and Good Idea (the feathery, cheery one).

As it turns out, Bad Idea is now running the House committee trying to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes on the theory that she is somehow guilty of the homicide of a US ambassador in Libya some years ago.  Here is an image of Bad Idea from a GE ad:


And here is Bad Idea with a closer shave — he is now in charge of the Benghazi committee:


That’s right — Trey Gowdy is a Bad Idea.



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