Two big winners in the Oregon shooting aftermath: Brian Williams and Kevin McCarthy

There are two big winners after some narcissistic asshole decided yesterday was the day to shoot up fellow humans toward whom he lacked any capacity for empathy.

Number 2: Brian Williams. The serial fabricator, who was recently reassigned to MSNBC to brianwilliamsanchor a new “breaking-news” type of format, can barely contain his glee. No sooner does he resurface on the teevee than Jesus sends him a massacre to cover! Williams gets to intone deeply, wax about grim, gory, grisley things, and call attention to his own expertise about, well, everything. (He was not just reporting about first responders; he once was a first responder. Of course he was.) No sooner had Jesus set Williams up with the perfect entry back into relevance than He made Williams’ cup runneth over: in addition to a juicy massacre, a plane crash too! (Williams was not just reporting about the C-130 aircraft; he’s flown on a C-130 aircraft. Of course he has).

Number 1: Kevin McCarthy. It was just coming to light that McCarthy, in addition to being a political rube, is also functionally illiterate.  Apparently George W and Sarah Palin weren’t enough: Republicans are about to foist upon us yet another cringe-worthy tosser of the proverbial word salad, a man who, every time he opens his mouth, will send this message to all the world: yes, Americans really are that fucking stupid.  Here is Rachel Maddow introducing conservatism’s latest contribution to American intellectualism:

Is it just me, or does Kevin McCarthy sound just like this:

Here is where things stood just before the Oregon shooting: McCarthy was trying to explain away his admission that the Benghazi sham hearings were intended to (and did) damage Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.  It didn’t go well for the syntactically distressed congressman:

But then came the fates to the rescue.  A school shooting — or what should be known in media circles as a shiny object.  Mainstream media outlets are rather like guard dogs who do a half-assed job.  Sure, when you jump the fence, they bark and growl and get those hackles up, but if someone throws a pork chop onto the opposite side of the yard, you’re home free.

McCarthy will have plenty of chances to make the fool of himself that he clearly is, but by then he’ll be Speaker of the House, because America’s media had a shooting to chase.

by Brendan Beery


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