Pope-a-phobia false equivalency

The new meme developing among the media — the new narrative — is that both liberals and conservatives will find reasons to be upset with Pope Francis’ various messages as he visits DC, New York, and Philadelphia.  That’s because the corporate media is obsessed with seeming “fair and balanced.”  Conservatives have brow-beaten the media for decades now, convincing many simpletons that a media that can best be described as lazy and feckless (which helps conservatism immensely) is actually liberal.

This newest stab at false equivalency is especially galling.  I have not heard one single liberal politician, commentator, or acquaintance, for that matter, bellyaching or whining about what the Pope will say that might offend liberal feelings or sensibilities.  Not one.  To the contrary, despite the Church’s (and thus the Pope’s) rigid stances as to abortion, gay marriage, divorce, contraception, and many other issues, all I hear from liberals is that this Pope seems like a decent man with a message that is, on balance, pro-peace, pro-planet, and pro-human.

Name for me one liberal anywhere who has said that the Pope should keep his mouth shut or that the Pope doesn’t know what he’s talking about or that the Pope is in over his head or that the Pope is some kind of extremist.  The conservative bead on this Pope is that he’s either crooked or naive, and that either way, he’s as dangerous as your average Mexican.

To the extent that there has been any political backlash against this Pope, it is a one-party affair.

by Brendan Beery


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