Republican child emperor could use a good spanking

No sooner did I speak out in defense of a 14-year-old child, Ahmed Mohamad, than I found another teenager, 13-year-old CJ pearson, who just needs a good spanking — or at least a decade-long timeout.

You would never find a mature human adult with progressive leanings looking to a child for political leadership.  But Republicans?  They love them some child leaders, probably because the children who lead them think in similarly stunted ways, only with the kind of verbal acuity that eludes right-wing grownups all the way into old age.  (That’s the beauty of the Republican child leader: his mouth is ahead of his wisdom, lending his bloviations the kind of gravitas that older Republicans can’t ape because their language skills never outpace their wisdom: the two are perpetually equally dim.)

Here’s the little brat, whose Youtube videos are reportedly a favorite among Republicans:

Teabaggers must delight in this!  Not only can they use this unlettered angry little boy as anecdotal proof that they’re reaching young people, but he’s black too!  Baggers love it when they find a black person they can cheer on so they won’t feel like racists for how much they hate … you know … those other blacks.

Baggers will say, look — our worldview is so pristine and so simple that even a child can understand it.  Actually, it’s so simplistic that only someone with the mind of a child would say it.  What does that mean for the presidential-primary clown car?


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