The jig is up: Ben Carson spills the beans

by Brendan Beery

We are to believe that Ben Carson, because he is literally a brain surgeon, is smart.  He isn’t.  In fact, he’s done a great disservice to brain surgeons; he proves that brain surgery is just puttering around under the hood — the kind of thing any Ben-Carson-croiphigh-school dropout could be trained to do — only with steadier than usual hands.  (After Ben Carson, we’ll have to get rid of the phrase he’s no brain surgeon.  If we’re going to give the nod to actually smart people, we should start saying, of not-so-smart people, he’s no quantum physicist.)

With his typically vacuous affect, Carson got tricked into exposing his worldview, which is of course the same worldview held by many others as mindless as Ben Carson.  And Megyn Kelly didn’t have to try very hard to trick him; she just asked an obvious question, and Carson whiffed.

Check out this video, and especially the exchange that begins at the 0:22 mark and ends at the 2:25 mark:

Asked whether his version of “religious freedom” would not lead to the obvious result that a Catholic clerk could refuse to issue marriage licenses to divorcees or that a Muslim clerk could refuse to issue licenses to Christians, Carson lifted the mattress right off the box spring, exposing all the conservative mind-porn we weren’t supposed to see.  He said,

But, but, this is a very basic right.  Ya know, ah, this is a Judeo-Christian nation in the sense that a lot of our values and principles are based on our Judeo-Christian faith, and when there are a substantial number of people who actually believe in the traditional definition of marriage, uh, I’m one of them. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think other people can do whatever they want to do, but I don’t actually believe that they have a right to force their way of life upon everybody else, nor would I try to force my way of life upon everybody else, and this is where some intellect has to come into place, and, ya know, our legislators need to sit down and ask themselves, how do we make sure that the rights of all Americans are protected?

Here we go again — a right-wing mishmash of lies, fallacies, and sloppy thinking so deep that it has as many layers of untruth as it has words.  Intellectual luggage this stinky ought not be unpacked.  But alas, from all this mess emerges the real conservative agenda.  It is not to insist on religious freedom for all, but rather for those who share “our” Judeo-Christian “faith.”  Naturally, there is a “they” in there — a “them,” a “those people” — you know, “The Other.”  And “they” don’t get to “force their way of life upon everybody else …”

“They,” of course, are the gays.  And when Carson said “this is a very basic right,” what he meant was, this is a very limited right.  It has nothing to do with Catholics targeting divorcees, and for god’s sake, it certainly has nothing to do with Muslims.  It has only to do with Good Christians putting down uppity homos.

Is this in any way unclear?


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