They’re not just dumb; they’re dangerous

by Brendan Beery

Politico has a piece describing the GOP plan to launch a full-scale attack on efforts to avert a climate disaster. As I’ve written before, we all need our causes to find some meaning in life. What does it say about you if this is yours? There are many causes to choose from: helping children; helping animals; educating people; aiding the sick; feeding and clothing the poor; providing housing for people. And the latest cause embraced by the GOP? Stop the stopping of global climate catastrophe. Put another way, destroy the planet. earth-1

One really has to wonder whether these people have been beset by mass religion-based delusions. Do they think they’re God’s archangels, sent to expedite the Rapture? With the promise that all Good Christians will ascend corporeally into Heaven (and not even have to worry about burning up in the atmosphere or imploding in the vacuum of outer space), have they taken stock of their sad, pathetic lives, and just decided they’ve had enough?

Maybe it’s just the money. The Koch brothers own all the refineries, so they’ve given the marching orders to their lemmings. But how do they get so many to follow? Surely the Republican rank-and-file doesn’t see any of that money; that’s the genius of Republican politics: getting vast swaths of the electorate voting against their own interests.

Maybe it’s anger – perhaps even subconscious. They’re an angry lot, Republican voters. Angry at what? Probably mostly their own lots in life: repressed; caged up; boxed into unnatural institutions; without financial wherewithal; living the life unnoticed. And if you’re really pissed, you’re going to act out, right? What better way to stick it to the universe than to destroy our own little piece of it.

The Republican attitude about the environment, our planet, and our children’s resources is consistent with Republican thinking generally. For whatever reason, when you give a Republican a choice between something good and noble and beneficent or something bad and inelegant and malevolent, the Republican will – predictably and reliably – pick the latter.

Just look at a few Republican policy positions:

Taxes: Should we adjust the tax system to help the rich or the lower and middle classes? Republican answer: the rich.

Infrastructure: Should we invest in bridges, roads, and high-speed rail and create a million jobs in the process? Republican answer: no.

Voting: Should we be making voting easier so that we achieve fuller participation in the franchise, or harder so that fewer people can vote? Republican answer: harder.

Iran: Should we work with the international community, listen to our scientists and experts, and negotiate a deal to stop Iran’s nuclear-weapons program, or should we walk away from the international community, listen to Netanyahu, and start a war? Republican answer: war.

Gay rights: Should gay people be treated like equal citizens, or should they be treated like a biblical abomination? Republican answer: abomination.

Women’s health: Should we fund programs to screen for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and other diseases as well as vaccination and other women’s-health programs, or should we defund everything because some people oppose abortions? Republican answer: defund everything.

Abortion: If a young girl is raped by her own father, should she be able to get an early-term abortion immediately after the rape, or should she be forced to give birth to her rapist father’s child? Republican answer: force her to birth the child.

Health care: Should insurance companies be left to deny coverage whenever it benefits their profit margins, or should the government regulate those companies to ensure fair practices? Republican answer: leave them alone.

Wall Street: Should the government monitor Wall Street lending and credit practices to avoid a meltdown like the one that hit in 2008, or should we further deregulate? Republican answer: further deregulate.

Public health: Should the government inspect meat products, produce, and pharmaceuticals to protect the public from contaminants and scams, or should we trust producers to police themselves? Republican answer: let them police themselves.

Higher education: Should the government act to make college more affordable and student loans more accessible, or should students remain saddled with suffocating debt unless mommy and daddy are rich? Republican answer: they’re on their own.

I mean, come on. It’s one thing to be wrong once in a while. But to be wrong about everything? Now that takes some real idiocy. Or evil. Or both.


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