Martyrdom DENIED

As I have written before, I hate the words narrative and meme.  I hate those words because they’re lazy: people unconcerned with reality — especially those in the media — tend to absolve themselves of intellectual nonfeasance with fealty to the narrative and the meme.

As much as I hate these words, I must use them here.  There is a narrative developing about the incarceration of Kim Davis — a meme.  It goes like this: Kim Davis, because she was jailed by a federal judge, has become a martyr for the cause of mythological literalism.

But martyrdom is a wildly narcissistic creature.  There can be no martyrdom without the klieg lights: a martyr with no audience is just a rube.  And to want such an audience — for such a self-centered display of “selflessness” — one must be consumed with affection for one’s self.  Martyrdom is the ultimate triumph of id over ego.

Nothing can ruin a good run at martyrdom like being made a fool.  One of the sharpest arrows in the warrior’s quiver is mockery.  When a would-be martyr is nothing more than the butt of a joke, a pathetic punchline, it becomes rather unimaginable that her sacrifice should supply her narcissistic appetites.  Being laughed at is not any narcissist’s aim.

That is why I praise Heaven for this image:

davismugNothing can strip away the dignity of a human being like a mug shot.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is no martyr.  It is a common criminal — and a trashy one at that.

Think what anyone would think while beholding this: a loser; a degenerate; a swollen bottom dweller; a joke.  And who put this pitiful creature there?  That’s right: the gays.

This self-appointed vicar of Christ was dragged this low by those she herself thought to be the lowest kind of life.  Who is on the bottom of whose shoe now?


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