Real Americans fume about renaming Mount McKinley; wait til they see what’s next!

Conservatives are fuming that President Obama has, by executive fiat, renamed Mount McKinley.  It is now to go by its native name, Denali.  Obama is removing the name of a Republican president and replacing it with some kind of liberal propaganda.  But crack beeryblog correspondent Paddy O’Farniture (nickname ‘The Weasel’) has learned that the President is just getting started.  In a memo obtained exclusively by beeryblog, Obama Administration officials identify more than a dozen mountain peaks targeted for renaming before Obama leaves office on January 20, 2017.  The plan is to send Real Americans into a teabagging lather with a drip-drip-drip strategy of serial insults.  DenaliMt1

According to the memo, the following national treasures are to be renamed at the rate of one per month.  They are listed from tallest to, er, not tallest, with existing names on the left and proposed new names to the right of each:

Wheeler Peak (NM) – Dealer’s Peak (aka ‘Mount Ganja’)

Mount Bear (AK) — Mount Ahairiebutte

Carbon Peak (CO) — Mount Greenpeace

Mount Hunter (AK) — Mount Cecil

Bushnell Peak (CO) — Mount Hillary

Blanca Peak (CO) — Mount Minority

White Mountain Peak (CA) – Mount BlackLivesMatter

Mount of the Holy Cross (CA) – Pastafarians’ Peak

Mount Darwin (CA) – to remain Mount Darwin

Red Slate Mountain (CA) – Blue State Peak

Mount Wood (MT) – Mount Vajayjay

Flat Top Mountain (CO) – Pony Tail Peak

Mount Salisbury (AK) – Mount Arugala

Crested Butte (CO) – Crescent Moon

Call your member of Congress and stop this madness now!

(by Brendan Beery)


One thought on “Real Americans fume about renaming Mount McKinley; wait til they see what’s next!

  1. Let’s also rename the Indian’s Great Nations,back to there Indian names,since we really had no right breaking every treaty and renaming their home land!
    Let’s end Indian Reservations and the appaudding conditions these true
    People of the earth live are reduced to live in,.


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